Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat (to tame the inevitable craving monster) or a convenient, protein snack to help you stick to your healthy eating plan when it clashes with your busy, stressful lifestyle, we have the perfect guilt-free, delicious, high-protein solution for you: BioTrust Protein Brownies!

You see, we know that most protein snacks – like protein bars and protein cookies – out there leave A LOT to be desired when it comes to taste. And when you look at the ingredients in the few that do taste good, you’ll quickly see that they’re nothing more than a glorified candy bar thanks to a laundry list of added junk.

With BioTrust Protein Brownies, you’ll get the best of both worlds, as these decadent protein snacks are made with natural ingredients – without the junk – helping satisfy your sweet tooth and appetite WITHOUT the guilt, junk, or empty calories. You can feel good about nourishing your body and supporting your healthy lifestyle every time you unwrap a delicious BioTrust Protein Brownie, each of which contains:

Need a pick-me-up snack? Reach for a BioTrust Protein Brownie instead of an energy drink, granola bar, or sugary yogurt. Have a hankering for something sweet? Open a decadent BioTrust Protein Brownie instead of a high-calorie, sugar-laden candy bar, bag of chips, or coffee shop pastry. Need a healthy, satisfying snack in a pinch when you’re on the go? Keep a BioTrust Protein Brownie in your purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Late-night cravings strike again? Instead of empty calories (and the guilt that comes along with them), indulge in a BioTrust Protein Brownie! And don’t forget to warm up your BioTrust Protein Brownies in the microwave for 5 – 10 seconds. You’ll LOVE the warm, fresh, soft-baked taste!

If all that wasn’t enough, BioTrust Protein Brownies are available in two mouthwatering flavors: Triple Chocolate Brownie and Cookie Dough Blondie.

Okay, you’ve read enough. Reward yourself with a brownie…a BioTrust Protein Brownie!

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