Kareem Samhouri

Dr. KareemAs it turns out, you can heal the body through movement, and no one is more poised to teach you how to "use" movement to improve your health than Dr. Kareem Samhouri. At age 30, Dr. Kareem has gained worldwide popularity as the "go-to" physical therapist and personal trainer for seven-, eight-, and nine-figure business owners, hedge fund managers, and world-famous health authors.

Dr. Kareem has proven that he can replicate his skill-set, and that approaching health this way works both with and without a physical therapist present. Through the world's first "Master-Level" workshop certification course, Dr. Kareem has been able to raise the bar for two of the most important fields in healthcare: physical therapy and personal training. Through his online presence, Dr. Kareem reaches over 110,000 people on their quest to better health, as he guides them towards ideal health with 5 to 25 minutes of effort per day.

Dr. Kareem strives to help people around the world by assisting them with their fat-loss and rehabilitative goals. His programs are well recognized as the best programs for "getting rid of pain and fat" as quickly as possible.